Have you found yourself desiring a deeper walk with God? Have you desired to be more aware of His presence? Then this site is for you! My heart and passion for you is that you go deeper and become more aware of God’s presence. My hope is you can accelerate your growth as you read and listen to the material you find here.


About me:


Hey there, I am Kirk, I have a wonderful family that is very diverse, we have both a multi ethnic and cultural mix in our home, this leads to unique challenges and points of views. These are things that challenge us yet opens our eyes to multi points of view and helping us to see beyond ourselves and comforts zones allowing for even more growth that we could have on our own. We have three wonderful and talented children

I am a passionate seeker, looking for a deeper understanding and deeper walk in the presence of God. I yearn in my heart to reach the world with the Gospel. Even as a young man I’ve had this passion to reach out and touch the lost and encourage and equip the church.

I studied at Christ for the Nations Institute, completing my bachelor’s degree at Dallas Baptist University. Love the outdoors, but don’t get to spend as much time there as I did as a younger man. I love to learn more about God, I also love science and tech. 

For me there is nothing more satisfying than being able to spend quality time with family and close friends.


Now about this blog and podcast thing:


If you are a seeker of God’s presence, you are looking to deepen your walk, and desire to learn more about God’s kingdom and His ways then you will feel right at home here.

This is a place to be encouraged, energized, and enriched in your faith.

You will find short posts and podcasts that are biblically basted and thought provoking. I hope you leave stirred up desiring more of the passion and presence of God.

I desire to poor into you all that I have learned from my studies, and all that I continue to learn about God, His ways, and how to abide in His presence.

This blog and podcast were birthed after God placed a burning desire to equip His church. I keep hearing my people perish because of a lack of knowledge. This joined to the deep passion that I have for God and His kingdom have driven me to start this project to grow it into a avenue to help others grow themselves.

Before I wrap this up I want to invite you to join my email list community. By signing up to this free resource you will receive updates, encouraging words and direct access to my podcasts with more to come.

I am so excited to see how we all grow in God together and help to spread His name to all the earth!